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About Thomas Jackson | Sunshine State Reverse | Florida

About Sunshine State Reverse


Tom is a founding partner in Sunshine State Mortgage, which has provided South Florida homebuyers with competitive loan options and services for over 25 years. Its goal is to be the leading home mortgage brokerage firm in Florida. It makes exceptional customer service the cornerstone of its business by staying on top of industry regulations and closing on home mortgages faster than anyone else in the industry. Whether you are a realtor, real estate broker, senior, or homebuyer, when you work with us, you will always have the confidence of knowing that we can process and quickly obtain the right mortgage for you.

Meet the Team


Tom Jackson

Thomas Jackson has been in the Financial Industry his entire professional career. He is experienced in all of the differnt mortgage programs avaiable but his passion is reverse motgages. Being a young senior himself, Tom appreciates what a reverse mortgage can do for people. He is also a US Marine Corps veteran and enjoys working with other veterans to help them obtain a loan to purchase or refinance their homes. Tom is committed to keeping in touch with his borrowers throughout the loan process and follows up after closing. He works towards putting borrowers in the best place possible, at every stage, both emotionally and financially. Integrity and trust are especially important to Tom. Whether buying or refinancing, Tom will explain all of your options and help you decide on the best program for you. He can be reached at (754) 227-6890. direct cell 954-258-9077

When it comes to reverse mortgages, I absolutely love working with senior homeowners to help them live a more comfortable, flexible, and secure retirement.


Mark Lyon

A 25-year veteran in the mortgage industry, Mark began his career by earning his degree in Finance and International Business. As a Licensed Mortgage Loan Originator and Owner of Sunshine State Mortgage, Mark has always been passionate about raising the bar for quality and service in the industry by bringing his knowledge and experience to customers throughout the entire loan process. His mission is to help you find the best terms that are right for your budget and make sure everything is accurately handled. His goal is to make your application process and closing; go smoothly and help you take possession of your new home in a timely fashion. Let Mark Lyon with Sunshine State Mortgage help you realize the dream of purchasing your new home.


Victor Papeo

Victor is a Professional Mortgage Loan Originator, Owner of Sunshine State Mortgageand lifelong South Florida resident who aspires to make homeownership a reality for all.  His goal is to empower and educate all customers throughout the home buying process while providing the absolute best pricing and programs available.