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Getting a reverse mortgage through Tom is the best decision I’ve made in years. Tom was a real gentleman, and he really took the time to make sure I understood what I was doing. If you are considering a reverse mortgage, give him a call. He has my strongest recommendation.

- Robert  & Susan G

The process was smooth from start to finish! He kept me updated at all times. We are now mortgage and debt FREE!

- Bill & Jan

When my husband passed away I couldn't afford to pay my bills. A friend referred me to Tom. He came to my house and spent a long time explaing everything to me. I can't thank him enough for changing my life. I sleep so much better now.

- Betty M

I am so happy I went with Tom. He was so efficent and caring, very easy to do business with. I'm using some of the money to take my grandkids on a cruise!

- Janet

Thank you so much for your courtesy, experience and knowledge. You definitely made what could be a stressful experience very simple and clear

- Mary C

It was a real pleasure meeting Tom and having him handle this transaction. He was always accessible, answered my questions and provided me with good, useful information.

- Daniel T

My wife and I talked it over. She wanted to retire. She was in a high pressure job and she wanted to get out from under that. We had a few bills we wanted to clear out. So we decided to go with a reverse mortgage and used it to pay off our debts.

Tom was wonderful, went through every detail.

Since we have gotten it; it will be going on two years now. I have just been so relieved that all of my bills are paid off. I have a fair amount of money in my savings, and I am secure. Overall this experience has been very satisfying.

- David & Debbie

There was no pressure and every question I had was answered promptly and with great expertise. Tom was just as helpful in every way possible and I know he went over and above his duty in helping me obtain my reverse mortgage.

- Phil & Beth S

Excellent to work with, they really took the time to explain this to me. Tom was very helpful and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a reverse mortgage.

- Melvin D

If you are smart enough to realize what a great deal a reverse mortgage is then go no further, Tom is the one for you. If you haven’t considered a reverse mortgage and are over the age of 62 maybe you should.

Thanks for great service and peice of mind the extra money gives me.

- Donald & Helen